In the mid-seventies to mid-eighties, when Wellington Film Society membership peaked at over 2600, it's monthly magazine, Sequence, also grew and as well being available to members attracted a mailing list around the country. The author of this website was the editor. To satisfy the demand of such a large membership the print runs were generous to ensure we did not run out. As a consequence there are still copies available. For list, price and ordering details click on Sequence.

Film Reference Books

After relinquishing the editorship of Sequence, the author of this website continued to prepare monthly listings of censorship decisions for the Napier Film Society and also compiled them into annual booklets for the the ten years until September 1994 when under a new Films Act decisions were no longer made available from the Censor's Office. The author has also compiled a reference to film reviews. For list, price and ordering details click on Film Reference Books.

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