(Don McGlashan,Harry Sinclair, New Zealand, 1988) 12 minutes


Directors: Don McGlashan, Harry Sinclair
Producer: Grant Campbell
Screenplay: Don McGlashan, Harry Sinclair
Photography: Leon Narbey
Editor: John Gilbert
Music: Don McGlashan, Harry Sinclair
Don McGlashan
Harry Sinclair
Lucy Sheehan

Reviews and notes

  • Wellington Film Festival, 1988
  • American Film and Video Festival, 1989 - Finalist
  • First Annual International Festival of Short Films, USA, 1993. "One of the World's best live-action shorts":
  • Hamburg International Short Film Festival, Germany, 1996

    Will he ever remember? Can she ever forget? In a seedy waterfront bar, sometime during the 70s, a sideburned, bellbottomed singer begins his song. Sheltering from the rainy night, a man and a woman meet for the first time. Or is it? Who are they? What brought them here? What bizarre web of fate links them to the singer, his song, and his sideburns?

    "Launching into the weirdness from the get-go, McGlashan and Sinclair's THE LOUNGE BAR is a hilarious, disturbing tale of a chance meeting between three people in a New Zealand bar one night. Like a Chinese puzzle box, each character's fate is inextricably linked with that of the person next to him (or her) in ways too strange to mention. With a SFX assist from Peter Jackson (Meet the Feebles, Dead/Alive), THE LOUNGE BAR expertly meshes caustic humor with Monty Python-esque headgear to create that most unlikely of films, the original one."
    - Marc Savlov, The Austin Chronicle, 18 June 1993

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