(Costa Botes, New Zealand, 1987) 29 minutes


Director: Costa Botes
Producer: Brian Sweeney, Costa Botes
Screenplay: Anne Kennedy, Costa Botes,
based on a short story by Michael Morrisey
Photography: Murray Milne
Editors: Peter Evans
Sound: Ken Saville
Stacey Adams (Daniel)
Jim Macfarlane (Stalin)
Stephen Gledhill (Father Connolly)
Andrea Kelland (Sister Bernadette)
Jo Briant (Mother)
Ashley Sumner (Father)

Reviews and notes

It is 1962. New Zealand is emerging from the austerity of the 1950s into a new age. Daniel is a nine-year-old Catholic boy, an only child given to colourful imaginings. He discovers that an old man who passes the plate in church bears a striking resemblance to the great Russian dictator, Joseph Stalin. Daniel starts to believe that the old man really is Stalin, come to take over New Zealand. Daniel takes it upon himself to give Stalin a fright and send him on his way. He hits on a method of doing so after finding where the old man lives and spying on him. Stalin is banished, but events take a strange twist, leaving Daniel with an even worse threat to deal with.
-from the NZ Film Commission brochure.

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